Research Forum Agenda


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Audio and web viewing info for B318, B252, B233 is located here

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Tuesday PM March 15:                    Opening Plenary Session - B-318, Spitzer Building

1:30-1:35PM                          · Welcome and Introduction to Research Forum (J. Menard)

1:35-3:05PM                          · Plans/opportunities on MAST, C-Mod, and DIII-D

3:05-3:20PM                          · Coffee Break

3:20-3:55PM                           Program Update & Forum Goals (J. Menard)

3:55-4:30PM                           Facility and Diagnostic Capabilities (M. Ono)

4:30-5:10PM                           Brief TSG parallel session agendas (5 mins each)


Wednesday AM March 16:              Parallel Topical Science Group Session I

            9AM-1PM                                Advanced Scenarios and Control - B318

                                                           Transport & Turbulence - B252


Wednesday PM March 16:               Parallel Topical Science Group Session II

            1:30PM-5:30PM                     Macroscopic Stability - B318

                                                           Lithium Research - B252


Thursday AM March 17:                  Parallel Topical Science Group Session III 

            9AM-1PM                                Boundary Physics - B318

            9AM-12PM                              Solenoid-Free Start-up and Ramp-up - B252

            9AM-12PM                              Waves and Energetic Particles (HHFW+EP) - B233

            12PM-1PM                              Solenoid-Free Start-up and Ramp-up + HHFW joint

                                                            session to plan CHI+HHFW coupling expts and

                                                HHFW non-inductive sustainment and current

                                                ramp-up experiments - B252


Thursday PM March 17:                  Parallel Topical Science Group Session IV

            1:30PM-5:30PM                     ITER Urgent Needs and Cross-Cutting - B318


Friday AM March 18:                        Summary Plenary Session - B-318, Spitzer Building

9:00-11:40AM                        Summary of parallel sessions and proposed research

                                                   strategy for each Topical Science Group (20 min each =

                                                  15min + 5min discussion)

11:40AM-12:00PM                 Run Plan Overview (S. Sabbagh)

12:00PM                                 Adjourn forum

12:20PM                                 Team photo in NSTX control room