Remote Participation Information


For the audio connection:

1.  Dial:  877-336-1839

2.  Access Code:

for B318:        1388819#

            for B252:        1204672#

            for B233:        7396126#

3.  At the tone, state your name


To view presentations in real-time using


1. Start a browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari

2. Go to:

a. In the Meeting Number box, type in 8773361839

b. In the Access Code box, type in one number for the room you want:

for B318:        1388819

            for B252:        1204672       

            for B233:        7396126

c. Enter your email Address:

d. Enter Your Name:

e. Click on Submit

3. Click on Participant

4. If you donít already have WebEX on your system you will be instructed to install a copy.  You might also

 have to install Active X. This is done by Clicking on the blue shield under the tool bar and installing ActiveX.

5. Once the WebEx client is installed you will entered into the meeting automatically.

6. This works for a PC and a MAC.

7.  PC users will have the ability to view full screen. This is done by going to VIEW and clicking on Full


8. MAC users do not have the ability to go Full Screen.